Keys to Interview Preparation - Things to Do

Keys to Interview Preparation

In recent years so much has been studied and written about effective selling and marketing that one could say that what had been the art of selling a new science. The interviewing tips that follow are based on the principles of effective salesmanship. Naturally some will be more applicable in your particular situation than others. The purpose of this tips is to help you prepare advance for every interview. They are intended to help you orient yourself ahead of time as to what it is you have to sell as well as how you hope to make the sale.

Things to do
  • Decent dress-up is a must. Wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Always wear deep colour pant and light (preferably single) colour shirt.
  • Wear black shoes.
  • Wear tie and a coat, according to the post applied for.
  • Shave well.
  • Hair should be simple.
  • Maintain a moderate smiling face-That is, smile, it costs nothing. It’s a big asset.
  • Read the major news items of the day.
  • Have a clear cut idea the job applied for.
  • Show enthusiasm and ready to work hard.
  • Always show great attitude.
  • Arrive on time or 10 minutes early. Regardless of the weather, the traffic or anything else, there is no excuse to be late ever.
  • Be able to identify and assess your strengths. Relate those strengths to the needs of the employer.
  • Gather information about the employer. If you know with whom you will be interviewing, look up information about each person...
  • Know how you communicate verbally.
  • Use correct grammar and pay attention to your diction.
  • Do not interrupt people when they are talking – this also comes in the form of anticipating the question before the interviewer is finished and interrupting with the answer. This does not show how smart you are. It just tells people you are rude.
  • On an interview, some people tend to become over anxious and interrupting becomes commonplace. Be careful that you are not offensive in this way.
  • ‘Eye to eye’ contact is important. Look at people.
  • Do not fidget with your hands or with pens or other objects. If you find yourself doing it, stop and put your hands on your lap or the arms of the chair.
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