SSC, Banks Preparation Strategy And Tips for Reasoning Ability

Preparation Strategy For Reasoning Ability

Reasoning is a technique or a science of thinking logically and broadly because it enhances the power of thinking as well as interpreting on a particular situation. In other words we can say that it is medium of measuring the ability to thinking logically on situation. Hence, Reasoning is the set of processes that enables us to go beyond the information given.

Reasoning ability is something that you mind actually thinks why, what and how. It is the ability to take inputs from 5 sensory organs process the data and give the relative solution. The only way to test reasoning ability is taking part in problem solving and checking the time taken for the solving problem. Less time consumed during solving a problem can lead you to higher ranking.


Reasoning is necessary to be able to make decisions based on factual nature of the situation and not just an emotional response. But in competitive examination Reasoning plays a  vital role in enhancing the marks because of its handy nature. The importance of this section becomes valuable when the questions of reasoning belong to high  level. You are advised to focus on such type of question because it is easy in nature and can give you maximum marks. You must practice regularly so that your thinking level become stronger which can lead you to get maximum marks.

The Reasoning Ability questions can be divided into four types. These are-
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • General Mental Ability
  • Other sub-topics
Logical reasoning: In this section ability to think logically is required. In this section, Statement and Conclusion, Statement and arguments, Statement and assumptions, Statement and cause and effect are included.
Analytical Reasoning: Level of questions require an extra approach to deal with. Input-Output, Puzzle, Inequality, Syllogism, Decision Making are included.
General Mental Ability: Basic questions are formulated which can be easily operated with the help of our daily activities. Coding-Decoding, Order Sequence, Blood relations, Sitting Arrangement are included.
Other sub-topics: The easiest chapter of reasoning are included.

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