SSC, Banks Preparation Strategy And Tips For Quantitative Aptitude

Preparation Strategy for Quantitative Aptitude

The question asked from this section are very basic in nature requiring the thorough knowledge of basic mathematics from class-V to class-X. If you are preparing for the first time, the NCERT books of mathematics may prove a boon to you. To solve the question of this section very efficiently and accurately you must know certain things. Here are some important things you should know:
  • The basic rules applied in each chapter.
  • All the formulas and their application to solve the sums.
  • You must know the traditional method of solving a sum or equations and after that you can practice the short cut tricks to solve the same. This will clear your concept of understanding the basic. visit here
  • Basic calculation and approximation( or rounding off) concept are highly needed as sometimes they can drive you straight to correct answer.
  • The concept of percentage is very much important and it is the core of entire Arithmetic. You must know it properly.
Now, lets come into solving of another type of questions. These are Data Interpretation and Data Analysis. To solve the sum of data interpretation and data analysis, you must first know the followings things-
  • The type and nature of graph involved in a certain problem as it can give a hint about the right answer.
  • You must know the concept of ratio and proportion.
  • You must Know the concept of average and percentage.
The whole questions regarding to data interpretation and data analysis hinges upon calculating average, percentage and ratio of variables. As you calculation consumed  times. Doing fast and accurate calculation can play a big role in your examination. To improve your calculation speed you need to practice more and more. You may search for short trick method for that calculation. visit here

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